Football trading platform

A way to use your skill and knowledge of the football industry to your financial advantage.

Invest in your favourite players

Users have the opportunity to buy their favourite players and sell for a profit when they feel the time is right.

Build a profitable portfolio

Users can buy a lot of shares of one player or go for shares of multiple players- The decision will be purely in their hands.

Buy and sell shares

Just like the stock market, buying and selling of shares can be done as per the user's convenience.

The biggest database: 50 leagues, more than 20,000 football players

Wide range of players available, meaning that users have the option to buy almost anyone and everyone.

Live match statistics

Updates regarding developments during the match will be shared on a second-to-second basis.

Boost ones earnings

The right knowledge and its implementation while buying and selling could reap major profits.

Football social skills Social Games - Challenges

A brilliant way to build a strong gaming community and draw users to your website / platform.

Variety of games at your disposal

A wide range of games to choose from. There’s no chance users will be bored when we are around.

Compete with like-minded individuals

Lets users with the same zeal and enthusiasm play against each other.

With anyone and everyone

Lets users connect with other users from all around the world. Broadening the gaming community is a definite way to increase traffic.

Fantasy Football platform

It is all about building the best performing team week-in, week-out.
  • Take the position of a manager
  • Choose and buy the most optimum players to build a team
  • Keep in mind the transfer budget allotted to you
  • Pick teams before each matchday to secure maximum points
  • Buy and sell players in-between matches to improve the team's performance

UP/Down Platform

This lets users test their ability to guess which way a player’s value will go- Up or Down.

Predict how a player's value will fluctuate

3 major possibilities exist- An increase in value, a decrease in value or the value remaining the same.

Specify time duration and the amount on the line

Perhaps the two most important aspects of this game for users is the time duration and the amount being risked. It is important for users to get both spot-on.

Have the balance debited or credited to the user’s account at the end of the duration

Lose or gain according to how correct your prediction was.

Land-based and retail

  • Integrating our games like OneTouch with land-based slots
  • Slots can be easily accessed in bars and gaming parlours
  • Sure to give a new experience to users
  • Helps to broaden versatility


Our features

  • Widest choice of league, clubs and players
  • Multi Languages
  • Choice of the payment method

  • Access to previous values and player’s data
  • Quick integration
  • Choice of free to play or pay to play

  • User-friendly and using the best UX-UI practices
  • Affiliate program
  • Comprehensive Player Statistics


The white label solution from Sportycoon helps you to focus all your attention on marketing and business growth while we take care of everything else. Our state-of-the-art tech provides a stable platform, fast deployment and integration and painless management. Sit back, relax and reduce the costs as our agile program performs all the heavy lifting.